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What's in it for me?

Running your own business can sometimes feel like being marooned on a desert island. You know what you’ve got to do for your long-term survival, but it’s the day to day issues that hold your attention – things like finding water and food, weathering storms and taking shelter. If you’re running your own business, I’m sure you know how that feels.

Well, imagine discovering a whole team of other people on your island. People with fresh ideas, strategies and their own networks for helping you deal with those all-consuming day to day issues, while at the same time ensuring you stay focused on your long-term goals – the important goals that will make your life easier, more rewarding and less isolated.

That’s what Mastermind is all about – it helps you think bigger, and keeps your focus on important goals. And it all happens in a safe and confidential forum that meets twice a month.

The best part – your Mastermind teammates will celebrate your successes like no one else can because they know what it took to get there.

Isn't it just group coaching?

Nope! Every meeting has hot seat brainstorming. Brainstorming is what makes a mastermind a mastermind. Every fortnightly meeting four different people are in the hot seat/opportunity chair. Only half the group each time? Trust me, you can learn as much from participating in someone else’s chair as being in the chair yourself.

There’s no artificial pre-set structure of topics for discussion. It’s all about your goals and what’s up for you, and the other members, right now. It’s about what you bring to the group:

  • What is most important to you
  • The challenges you are facing
  • The decisions you need to make
  • What you want to brainstorm about

No group teaching, no guru’s and no boss – just a savvy facilitator!

Masterminds are NOT for you if:

  • You’re not serious about growing and expanding yourself and your business
  • Always prefer to work alone
  • Are not willing to both ASK for help as well as GIVE help
  • Can not commit to attend meeting
Time commitment?

The initial sign up is for three months with fortnightly 1.5 hour long meetings. We meet every two weeks – this gives breathing room but also creates real traction.

The first meeting is at least two hours long, as there is much more getting to know you. Over three months you need to commit to attend all of the 6 meetings. Why? Because we very quickly become a team. We rely on each other and we build a very deep trust. For this to happen we all have to be there every time. (Obviously life sometimes has a tendency to get in the way. We can talk if it does.)

How much time a month?  Meetings take 3 hours a month, time in the Facebook Group could take about another hour a week, it depends how actively engaged in it you are. There is a chat with me before each Hot Seat. Plus,there will be connection between group members outside of meeting time. It’s one of the joys of the group.

Why do I need a facilitator?

There are so many reasons why! A really important one is that facilitators carefully curate the group so that your needs are met. Other members are on the same level as you; a little above and a little below. You’ll have much to offer each other to will help each other grow as people and your businesses. I also:

  • Set the meetings cycle
  • Manage the meeting venue or host on-line
  • Use a very supportive structure
  • Talk to you before each of your hot seats to make sure you’re on track and asking your most important question
  • Record the session and share
  • Set up a group Facebook Group and am in there often
  • Keep an eye on who participates, who dominates or doesn’t
  • Keep the meetings to time
  • Bring my own unique Rosieness to them

What does Rosieness mean?
I am a positive energiser – a person who helps others flourish and feel good about themselves. Research shows that positive energy is four times more important for predicting performance than just plain leadership or being the person who knows the most. It shows that if you hang out with positive energisers your performance goes up.

As a positive energiser I’m dedicated to helping other people flourish with – and because of – my positive energy.

You’re also investing because financially you need, as they say, skin in the game. You preferably need to be investing more than you are comfortable with because it adds urgency to your to do list. It gets it done.

You could join a free mastermind groups without a trained or paid facilitator. But be warned very often they:

  • Ramble
  • Because there is no structure people don’t get their needs met
  • Some people are in the chair all the time
  • Others don’t use the chair
  • There is no real accountability
  • There isn’t a commitment
  • They often fail to even meet
Do you have a guarantee?

No because you have to do the work. But you will be supported, offered clever suggestions, encouraged and be part of a team – whilst still working just for yourself. We cannot make your business successful for you. There is hard work to be done but we’ll help in every way we can.

Ultimately it’s up to you, but your mastermind team mates cheering you on and expecting you to do well, empowers you to create the momentum to the success you want.

What if I change my mind?

Mastermind groups are for people who want to make sure their goals happen. So only join if you know you are ready to knuckle down and achieve. We have proper conversions before you sign up to make sure that this is right for you and that you’re able and willing to make the commitment. So, no refunds but credit given for another time.

Masterminds are NOT for you if:

  • You’re not serious about growing and expanding yourself and your business
  • Always prefer to work alone
  • Are not willing to both ASK for help as well as GIVE help
  • Can not commit to attend meetings
How do we meet?
Some groups are face to face, others meet online via ZOOM. If at all possible the on line meetings start with a face to face. Each group will have its own best meeting place sorted out depending on who lives and works where.

My interview with Robert Gerrish from Flying Solo

Rosie is a great facilitator, offering her experience, expertise and clarity with humour and a generous heart. She kept us on track, and made sure we made the most of our time together.

I went into the group thinking I might get a few useful tips for my business. I was completely blown away by the amazing results I witnessed every week not only for myself but each of the other members. The enthusiasm and support generated for one another was truly remarkable. Not only have I been able to move forward with my business I have made fabulous connections and friendships, been able to share my skills and learn new ones from others. This experience has been a real highlight in my year I will continue in the New Year. Bring on 2017. I am just getting warmed up.

Lisa Tomin

Owner, Wild By Nature Therapies

I was working alone on an idea when I met Rosie and she invited me to attend her Mastermind group. The group allowed me to see my business from many other, unique perspectives. It offered me support and ideas that I would have overlooked and most importantly, it gave me the encouragement to complete a project that I would have, honestly, given up on if left on my own. Rosie is an excellent facilitator, keeping us on task, equitable and helpful. She is intelligent and goes straight to the point with grace and humour. I am forever grateful for her leadership.

Kimberly Moore

Creator and owner, Arithmetic Village

” Who’d’ve thunk it?? One funky ‘courageous step & Marion experienced active and proactive EN-COURAGE-MEaNT.

Much love and gratitude to my team valentine and especially to Ms. Rosie Kaplan Mistress facilitator Master masterminder.

I choose mentorship such as yours I choose your form of encourage meAnt.

Ready Mr. Music?

“ just what makes that li’l ol’ ant
Think she can move that rubber tree plant?
Everyone know an ANT can’t
MOVE that rubber tree plant
… … …
HIGH hope,
She had
HIIiiiIgh Hope

She had
High Apple pie in the skAAAaaahAH IY

So any time your gettin’ low
‘stead of lettin’ go
Just remember Rosie KaplaaaaaaaN
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

Marion de Nice


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Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”  Amy Poehler

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