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You know what you need to be doing – you just need some support to actually get it done.

Using my wisdom, compassion and honesty, strength based coaching, the magic of the right questions, buckets of commonsense, useful insights and by establishing the right order, we’ll collaboratively activate your best. You’ll get more done in less time, reach that goal and follow your dreams.

I promise you:

  • Insightful, challenging questions to enable you to go deeper and ways forward if you get stuck.

  • A huge range of skills, knowledge and my innate commonsense and knowing

  • Truth telling as I see it

  • Access to a network of other professionals if you need to learn specific skills

  • Real accountability

Rosie Kaplan has been a compassionate caring coach who kept me focused on my goals. Using her unique brand of humor, imagery and metaphor, as well as thought provoking “homework” she has helped me gain clarity on life and career related issues. Despite being from different cultures I experienced only warm regard, acceptance and a willingness to keep the cultural context in mind while coaching me. She has helped me gain confidence in myself and my decisions! I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach!”

Kalpana Swamy Phd


“Rosie is highly supportive and insightful. She has a way of simplifying the complex and offering different approaches that save me time and unnecessary stress.”

Cynthia Connop – CEO Living Love


Cynthia Connop

Owner, Living Love

With Rosie’s incredible support through coaching, I achieved the HUGE goal I set for myself of raising $10,000 for The Hunger Project. Rosie guided me in breaking through some limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of reaching my potential. Rosie is an awesome person to have on your team when you are serious about achieving your goals!

					Jacki Oliver