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Do you find writing slides to the bottom of your to do list?
Does it hover there nagging away at you?
Do you REALLY want to get some writing done?


I know  – it happened to me when I had to write my newsletter or blog or promotional material or web page or what ever it was.

Then I found a solution which comes from the academic world. They struggle too. For them it’s often those long long thesis that just drag on. In response, some bright spark developed  Shut Up & Write.  What is it? A group of struggling thesis writers got together on a regular basis. They would commiserate together for a few minutes then settle in and Shut Up & Write.

When I read about Shut Up & Write, I immediately set up a fortnightly group. And it works, its brilliant. A small and growing group of us get together once a fortnight. I have written four newsletters and already sent out two, I’ve written this page, The others in the group have easily  done the writing they need to do. In fact, after two sessions, we all enjoy it so much we have decided to go weekly next year.

So, all you solopreneurs, bloggers, small to medium business owners. freelancers, digital marketers who HAVE to write and just don’t – often for good, pressing, putting  out fire reasons – join us and you WILL write.

What a brilliant idea ‘shut up & write sessions’ are. Like many solo-preneurs, I get so busy working in my business that working on my business always gets put on the back-burner.

The 3x 25min blocks of writing time I prepared my 2017 launch calendar.

Way-to-go Rosie, thank you, you’re a gem!

Jinny Coyle

CEO, Enterprisebydesign

Whether you need to write a newsletter, a blog post, a book, design a course, plan your marketing, write you web site, design an app, you name it, anything that needs WORDS this group will work for you. You carve out the dedicated, focused time because you have committed to a group, they notice if you are or aren’t there, they  care if you are or aren’t there. Group connection coupled with accountability is a proven productivity technique.

By being part of Shut Up & Write you will:

  • Dedicate time for your writing
  • Quietly work solo – in a team
  • Free of distractions
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Increase motivation
  • Make progress

And you can be anywhere ‘cos we are virtual. We meet for 90 minutes through ZOOM video conferencing. (If you’re not near a computer you can dial in by phone.)

How does Shut Up & Write work?

We briefly say hello, then I set the timer for 25 minutes, we mute ourselves and we write. Then a 5 minute break where everyone gets up off their backsides and takes a real break and then we do it for two more times for a total of three writing periods.

This pattern of working in 25 minute sections followed by a break comes from the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a productivity system invented in the 1990’s by Francesco Cirillo (called the Pomodoro technique because his timer looked like a tomato – pomodoro in Italian!) The 25 minute bursts train your mind to focus for short periods which increases you motivation and keeps you creative. You need some skin in the game so it’s $10 a session.

Shut Up & Write will  increase your productivity. To join us, send me an message through the contact form and we’ll talk,

During the 2 hours ‘Shut Up & Write’ session. I worked through launch planning my next program. Without your holding the space it would have taken much longer for me to have achieved this goal. Thank you! Narelle

Narelle Shiell

CEO, Narelle Shiell