I lost my way | Rosie Kaplan
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It’s been a while since I wrote this newsletter. I admit it, I lost my way. The path was overgrown and strewn with briars, but it’s cleared and I’m back – to talk about Mastermind groups. I’ll be explaining them bit by bit. It will be interesting… promise.

I’ve been in three Mastermind groups. I started my first one on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, in 2006. It was small, four market stallholders. That, and the fact that we were micro solopreneurs, was our commonality. Mike, the Pizza Maker, he’s still doing it. Gina, the designer, who came up with the wonderful People’s Republic of Waiheke T-shirts. I still have the T-shirt, she has long since moved on to much bigger and even better things. Simona, the artist and ceramicist, back in Italy, as beautiful and talented as ever. And me, owner and chief everything at Attitude Foods. That business long since sold, some recipes still made.

The next group started with sixteen and settled at eight. I won’t go through all of the members, but it was a bunch of lovely people who all became friends. That’s one of the things that happens when you Mastermind together for a long time.

Now I’m in my third – this one is virtual. One member in country Victoria, two in Queensland – one near Townsville & one on the Sunshine Coast – and two in Bryon Shire. Four clever and talented women, and me too, who share the ups and downs of business, who support each other, who want the best for each other, who share resources with each other and who help each other grow in their businesses.

One did a launch of a new on-line programme. It failed. Not a sign-up in siight. She got fed up. She kept coming to the meetings. She found something else to do, and then she revived, she got back on the wagon. We’re all cheering her second try. She has so much to offer the world and she gives so much to the group. She describes the group – and all Mastermind groups – as “AA for business people, when you fall off the wagon, you know you have all the support you need to get back on again.” Because of the group she is safely on again. She launches in February. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

I wouldn’t be without my mastermind group. Whether I’m forging ahead, or cooling my heels, the support offered, the ideas suggested and the resources shared make my life better in so many ways.

This picture (by me) is what business life can feel like without a mastermind group!