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Welcome to the question you never knew you wanted to ask!

How does a Mastermind Group work?

There are two pieces to this. Features and Benefits. This emails is about benefits ‘cos they’re fun!

In my experience, the biggest benefit of being part of a mastermind group is breaking self employed entrepreneur isolation. It can be a lonely place. I know this from experience. It’s why I set up my first Mastermind Group.

Elizabeth is a good case study. She bought a local hamper business. She had never run her own business before although she had all the necessary skills. She found working in isolation sapped her motivation. No one, apart from her, cared if she did the task or not. Her follow up got very patchy. She spent more time than she should cleaning house and walking the dog. Then she joined one of my mastermind group and quite quickly got a large order to supply hampers to a chain of real estate agents. She says: “There is no question that being in Rosie’s Mastermind Group helped me to move forward and remain committed and focused with my business. You will not be disappointed spending your valuable time in a Mastermind Group with Rosie.”

The next great benefit is that none of us are as smart as all of us. Your Mastermind group is a supportive team of like minded people offering a continuous source of new ideas you don’t have access to on your own. These new strategies help you think bigger and thus more easily deal with the challenges that come up in your business. This helps you stay focused on your long term goals.

It all happens in a safe and confidential forum that meets fortnightly. And…this group will celebrate your success like no other because they know what it took for you to get there.