How to get it done | Rosie Kaplan
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Mastermind Group nuts and bolts. What makes a group work well? Of course my answer is facilitation! It’s also the work behind the scenes before it starts to ensure it’s the right weave of members.

With the right blend of members, what’s next? Once a fortnight, a meeting with eight members, in my opinion the optimal number, connects for an hour and a half. If we’re meeting in person, we sit in a circle, round a table or not. If we are online we meet through Zoom. Either way, we start with a succinct round of celebrations from the previous week. This is followed by 15 minutes of accountability feedback from the four members who were in the Hot seat/Opportunity chair at the previous meeting.

Then we have the hot seats. In my world this is what makes a mastermind a mastermind. Anything else is group coaching or teaching or Guru-ship!

In the day or two before their sessions, the four hot seat people fill in a focus form. I talk with them to make sure that their challenge/ request is clear so time isn’t wasted on meandering explanation.

Each hot seater gets 15 minutes from start to finish. This doesn’t sound like long but gold can appear in this time and everyone stays focused. The 15 minutes includes the Hot Seater explaining the challenge, getting fabulous feedback, new ideas, suggestions, support or what ever they need. From their feedback, they chose the accountabilities that are going to work for them. It may be an idea someone else suggested, it may be something they have come up with themselves from an idea or thought provoking question someone else asked. They write it down and I write it down.

And it gets done. Why? Because people don’t get all that juicy input then not do anything about it. They know they will be back in a fortnight for accountability feedback and are not going say nothing happened. Even if it finally gets done an hour before the meeting, IT GETS DONE!

After the hot seats are complete, we get a few minutes to wrap up and say goodbye. People often chat on afterwards as relationships grow, friends are made and alliances are formed. In a recent Mastermind Group meeting, three of the hot Seaters, found really useful and growing edge connections with other members, The forth person had a very useful business name change brainstorming. The new business name is on the way.