How I kept working when life turned to shit! | Rosie Kaplan
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How do you stay motivated to work in your business when your life is turning to shit? Nothing is going well, no one is happy. Sounds pretty grim but it does happen and recently it happened to me.

Why? Our rental was being sold. This created an opportunity for all the cracks in my life and my relationship to gape open. But, I had to keep working. I had to run my Mastermind Groups I had to get out there and network and meet new people who might like what I offer. I had to have sales calls with people. I had to connect with the people in my next groups. Did I want to? No. Crawling under the covers with headphones on looked and felt like the best thing to do. Did I? I can honestly say, only once.

So what kept me going apart from bloody mindedness? (Very different from mindfulness!) My groups. My personal Mastermind Group, my Shut Up & Write Group, where I wrote this. While writing this in Shut Up & Write I just wanted to do the covers over head thing. But, I wasn’t gonna do that as part of the group I had committed to, so words went down instead of my head.

Running Mastermind Groups in the midst of my personal chaos was the best part of my day. I got out of my own head and focused on the job in hand, being there for the people in the room. I listened, facilitated, timed, included, suggested and took accountability.

I’m pretty sure that without my groups, well, there wouldn’t be a newsletter or any more groups. So, yep…I love groups.

P.S. It looks like it’s working out, not going to share till I have all my paperwork sorted. Hopefully I will be able to share all in the next newsletter.