How to keep New Year resolutions | Rosie Kaplan
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News Year resolutions are all about commitment. So, what is commitment? *

A state of commitment is also a state of certainty and purpose. When you fulfil your commitments there is a lift to your step and an increase in you self-esteem. Why? Because you did what you said you would do, so you’re now in 100% integrity with yourself.

A commitment is a decision to do a particular thing. Let’s use the example of my commitment to make five sales calls. Now, trust me, I don’t want to make those calls. We’ll get back to that…

Once I make the commitment, I need to make sure it’s specific e.g. is this just getting in touch with people to see if I can have a sales call with them, or is it an actual sales call? Once I get that clear, it’s measurable.

Then I need to make sure it’s actionable. Do I have enough people to call to get my numbers? If yes, then I need to make sure that my commitment is a bit of a stretch for me, which at five calls, it is. Now I’m set. I know what I have: not enough people for my Mastermind Group (my A), and I know what I want: more people for it (my B). My commitment is to make the calls to get me from A to B.

Is it going to be a snap for me to make those calls? The outcome is what I want, but remember, I said I didn’t want to make them. Here, we meet The Barrier!

If I give in to the barrier, I will get my C, which is some other result. Let’s assume I allow the barrier to stop me. I’ll have all sorts of reasons and stories for why I didn’t meet my commitment. They may be really really good ones, but whatever the reason, at some point I made a decision to not keep my commitment.

Commitments are central to the Mastermind process because people make commitments to themselves and to the group. If they don’t achieve their commitment, what we look for is the moment of decision. When did you decide that ‘X’ was going to take precedence over your commitment? And why? Often the why is motivated by fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). For me, making sales calls triggers fear of rejection. That’s my barrier.

If we choose to confront our fear we will expand, if we choose not to confront our fear we’ll stay in our current reality.

So my five sales calls? My fear made me make a decision to forget that I committed to the sales calls (Yes me, Ms Accountability). I had to get clear on why I made the decision to forget. That was when I realised that my FEAR was about rejections. That understanding gave me more insight and awareness into myself. Awareness leads all of us to better choices that are in alignment with our goals and vision. The very next week I made eleven sales calls!

* With thanks to Ali Schiller from: