Keeping track of your goals | Rosie Kaplan
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How to keep your goals alive and manageable

So much has been said and written about goals. Some say good, some say not so good. I know that for myself, having a goal is helpful. This is how I keep my biggest goal in mind while working on the smaller things. It’s easy to lose sight of the big goal, and then you can easily lose sight of what needs to be done today.

I use the four circles technique. There is no way to get this wrong, your goals can change from day to day. It’s quick and powerful.

Circle 1 = my life goals.
Circle 2 = my year goals.
Circle 3 = my month goals.
Circle 4 = today’s goal.

Here’s an example.

Circle 1 : My life – I want to own my own home.
Circle 1: My year – I want to have a six-figure coaching/mastermind business that will pay the mortgage.
Circle 1: I want to recreate my website so I can generate a successful mastermind & coaching business.
Circle 4: Create my opt-in.

Try is and see if it helps. I do it first thing in the morning before I get out of bed.